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Yiyang Yishen rubber machine 55 inch mechanical tire vulcanizer manufacturing completed

the 55 inch mechanical tire vulcanizer innovatively developed by the Sino Japanese joint venture Yila yangyishen Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. was manufactured last week, adding a new 5. Displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm product to the company's tire vulcanizer series. At present, 60% of the high-precision mechanical and hydraulic tire vulcanizers produced by the company are sold to overseas markets, mainly exported to famous tire companies in the United States, Japan and other developed countries

the figure shows the 55 inch tire curing press being tested

note: from this process, it can be seen that heating foaming is not as hurried as normal temperature foaming. This reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information. On the other hand, it can be used as one of the reference data of the running speed, tension conditioning and film running wear of active packaging machinery, which does not mean agreeing with its view or confirming the authenticity of its content

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