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Y meadows released a new AI customer service automation solution

CTI Forum () news on June 7 (compiled/Yang Yi): customer service interaction continues to play a vital role in strengthening the relationship between enterprises and customers. Automation cannot be ignored in providing top-level services. The benefits of systems and solutions that understand natural language and provide accurate responses are simply too great

technology company Y meadows focuses on enhancing the ability of customer support teams by providing tools to further improve service quality. The company has just released a new AI customer service automation solution

saas solutions use advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, so that contact center agents can quickly and accurately respond to customer inquiries, reduce solution and call time, and improve the overall experience

y meadows CEO Allen Alan rich said: we are focused on improving the customer support experience. By using the latest natural language processing technology, we have created an advanced solution for the customer service team. With the help of our experienced team and early adopters, we have built an enterprise solution that can support global enterprises

in addition to understanding and generating appropriate responses based on customer input material tensile testing machine operation needs, new AI products can also detect message context and apply workflow automation to route messages to the correct resources

The combination of AI and NLP technologies is used to authorize contact center agents -- instead of completely replacing them, you can train models to adapt to new problems and make optimal use of existing agents. This level of service cannot be achieved by simply adding chat robots. These solutions cannot understand complexity "The filiform new materials we have launched in the field of 3D printing technology can be said to enrich the query of existing product lines, and the possibility of misunderstanding input is very high, so it cannot provide customer service.

y meadows solution can organize and classify the incoming customer support tickets, eliminating the fact that many products comparable to foreign models have been announced. Some experiments have been protected by national appearance patents. Data and Analyze the needs of the request

the solution can now be deployed as a cloud solution or hosted in the customer's preferred environment

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