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Yokogawa electric representatives visited Tianjin Luosheng

on May 30, Minister Okamoto and Mr. Pinglin of Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd.'s DDM overseas business department visited again, and were warmly welcomed by Tianjin Luosheng. The two sides had a detailed discussion on the promotion of servo direct drive motor (DDM) products in China. After one year's efforts, Yokogawa DDM products have made considerable progress in China. Minister Okamoto said that in the future, a technical support office will be set up in Luosheng company to facilitate the communication of technical issues and better serve customers

in this meeting, Minister Okamoto also brought the microencapsulated actuator with FFT function newly developed by Yokogawa company. The FFT function refers to that after the motor has been loaded, running the FFT function can find the mechanical resonance point frequency of the equipment, and can set a more reasonable filter at the appropriate position. Compared with the gIII driver previously introduced by Luosheng, the debugging is more convenient and the function is more powerful. The driver with FFT function can be used as a tool, so that customers do not need to set the filter frequency by feeling in debugging, but can intuitively display the position of resonance frequency through the oscilloscope function of the driver, and add various additives, modifiers and fillers. However, it needs to be equipped with accurate settings of different accessory filters

then, Minister Okamoto, Mr. hirakami and the technicians of Luosheng company visited some major customers with the hook as the next real chain, and answered their questions in detail

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