The demand for olefins in Russia will grow rapidly

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The demand for olefins in Russia will grow rapidly

the polyolefin industry in Russia is currently in a leap stage of substantial demand growth. Domestic polyolefin output in Russia and other regions of the former Soviet Union is small, but the consumption growth rate is relatively high. Therefore, the profit space of polyethylene and polypropylene industries in this region is relatively optimistic, and the development space is also large. Between 2001 and 2015, the polyolefin demand in the region is expected to increase by an astonishing 631%, with an average annual growth rate of 45%

Gary, honorary president of Basel polyolefin company, Italy, made this prediction. In September, 2002, the world polyolefin and elastomer annual conference was held in houton, Texas, USA. Gary pointed out at the meeting that Russia, as a country with a population of 150million, has only seven major polyethylene producers and three polypropylene producers. In 2001, the total polyethylene production capacity of Russia's electronic universal machine was 1.065 million tons/year, and the operating rate of its production equipment was 88.6%; The total production capacity of polypropylene is 302200 tons/year, and the operating rate of its production unit is about 85.5%. In sharp contrast, in 2001, Dow Chemical's polyolefin and elastomer company sold 97000 tons of sealed packaging materials in North America alone

Gary believes that the polyolefin industry in this region will develop rapidly and the demand will increase significantly. The per capita consumption of polypropylene in Russia and other former Soviet countries is the lowest in the world, with 1-2 kg/person in 2001, while the per capita consumption of polypropylene in the United States was 25 kg/person in the same period. It is estimated that the per capita consumption of polypropylene in Russia and other former Soviet countries will reach the current level of the United States from 2005 to 2010. It can be seen that the polyolefin market in Russia has great potential

polyethylene accounts for 35% of all synthetic resins in Russia, among which packaging, daily necessities and film are the three largest application fields of polyethylene in Russia. The largest synthetic resin manufacturer in Russia is organic syntez, which is located in Kazan city in western Russia. In 2001, the production capacity was about 355000 tons/year, and the market share was as high as 37.6%. However, the production technology of polyethylene plants in Russia is very backward, which limits the performance of resin products and increases production costs. At present, Russia can only produce three types of jujinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. the following introduces the operation skills of wear resistance testing machine ethylene; High pressure low density stage, low pressure high density stage and low pressure medium density stage. Metallocene polyethylene is still under research and test. Therefore, the Russian polyethylene industry urgently needs the latest process technology from plant construction to polymerization and product research and development

it is worth noting that Russia is quietly taking some actions. Sibur company, a petrochemical manufacturer, plans to build a polyethylene production plant in Tomsk and K film by adopting appropriate additives, with a production capacity of 120000 tons/year of compact fixtures, which will be increased to 240000 tons/year in the future. Both plants will be built by Italian company technimont. Another new plant, novourengoysky GHK, will use ethane as cracking raw material to produce Gaozhuang polyethylene, with a nominal production capacity of 300000 tons/year

the three main application markets of Russian polypropylene industry are chemical and petrochemical industry, engineering and metal manufacturing industry and automobile industry. At present, the demand for polypropylene used in the manufacture of medical equipment is relatively small. This is an opportunity for foreign companies. Pipeline production has not been paid attention to in Russia, so the development potential of Russian polyolefin market is huge, especially in infrastructure construction and maintenance

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