The demand for packaging machinery and equipment i

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The demand for packaging machinery and equipment in China will be considerable.

food and beverage packaging is the largest segment of the packaging machinery and equipment industry. The production of beverage packaging equipment is mainly the whole growth line, with a high degree of automation. At present, the per capita consumption of beverages in China, especially mineral water, is far behind the level of international advanced countries, with a large market space and a large population. If the rural market can be developed, The demand is considerable

pharmaceutical industry packaging. The overall characteristics of this kind of packaging machinery and equipment are small size, high price and output value accounting for about% of drugs. Therefore, this kind of packaging has made great efforts in product refinement and serialization, and the equipment has high requirements for automation level, and the purchasing power of automation equipment of corresponding enterprises is also strong. At present, the national drug reform can only require more and more strict packaging, especially western medicine. In order to avoid secondary pollution, try to bulk it. The traditional paper-based low alloy structural steel is 0 75 alloy structural steel is 0 86 bags have been basically eliminated. This market will also maintain a steady growth higher than GDP

packaging machinery and equipment are also widely used in daily chemical industry. Daily chemical packaging is similar to pharmaceutical packaging, with small volume and high price. Many machinery and equipment can be shared with pharmaceutical packaging machinery and equipment. For example, the paste filling machine of spark Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. can fill daily chemical products, such as washing 3. Arc height of rated static load - arc height facial milk and shampoo under rated vertical load. This kind of packaging equipment can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as erythromycin ointment and other pharmaceutical products. With the development of the food industry, There will be a big leap in the demand for packaging machinery and equipment in China

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