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In recent years, with the continuous development of the American economy, the demand for packaging materials in the United States has increased rapidly. Freedoni of the United States suggests that you pay more attention to quality and production standards. A group predicts in a recent research report that the demand for packaging covers and cover materials will increase in the next few years, with an annual growth rate of about 3%. By 2005, its shipping volume will reach 157 billion single pieces. The output value of lids and capping materials will increase by 5.3% every year

the report points out that the plastic partition for packaging may be repeated 28; It will be the fastest growing part of the industry in the future, and it will continue to replace metal materials. The report also analyzes the main reasons for the increase in demand and value of packaging cover materials, including the continuous penetration of strong partition plastic packaging materials, which makes the reform and innovation continue; The packaging of some products requires the application of double partition packaging structure, such as sterile liquid food; The value of the new packaging material structure is improved, such as the packaging plate of products that are "not suitable for children". As plastic bottles and cans gradually replace glass and metal packaging containers used in baby food, heated food and tribology, which are highly practical and use scientific juices, condiments and other supplies, the income of plastic partitions will continue to be optimistic

in packaging materials, plastic partitions not only expand the scope of application, but also make continuous progress in technology. The improvement of technical content makes it more effective to compete with glass and other materials for wine packaging. Its application in sealing screw cap products is also greatly increased. Recently, it competed with aluminum and steel plate materials in the mature carbonated soft drink market, and showed great potential

market information shows that pet covering materials are replacing metal materials in the packaging of soft drinks and beer, and bottled water is another rapidly growing market. In the fruit juice and milk packaging market, plastic sealing covers are being replaced by paper covers. The application of cardboard covers in ice cream and other frozen foods is showing signs of a steady rise

although the application of metal cover materials shows a downward trend as a whole, there is still a large market in plastic/metal synthetic cover materials. At present, this material has been widely used in new hot filled pet food cans and personal care products

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